Belgium Declares Neutrality

Belgium Declares Neutrality27th October, 1939 Day57
King Leopold III of Belgium.

King Leopold III, the monarch of Belgium, today broadcast a message on the radio declaring that Belgium would remain neutral in the European war.

Last month Britain and France requested Belgium join them in their opposition to Germany. The Belgians then, as they have done today, clearly stated they did not want to become involved in the war.

Belgium is very confident it will not be invaded. Over the past few years it has spent a large sum of money on building extensive defences on their border with Germany. The allies are concerned that because the Maginot Line, which runs along the French-German border, is so strong, any German invasion could come through Belgium. Belgium has refused to allow any French or British soldiers inside it’s territory.

One thought on “Belgium Declares Neutrality

  1. Daniel Wybo

    In October 1939 Leopold made a radio broadcast to the United States. Speaking in English he told his audience that the feelings of the Belgian people were based on age-long struggles fought on Belgian soil.

    The Belgian people simply wanted to be left alone and in peace and whatever the Allies or the Axis countries might think of each other, Belgium wanted to be left out of it.


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