Goebbels: “Churchill is a Liar!”

Goebbels: “Churchill is a Liar!”22nd October, 1939 Day52
Heinrich Himmler

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels today delivered a radio broadcast attacking British politician Winston Churchill.

Goebbels, 41, accused Churchill of lying about the circumstances of the sinking of the SS Athenia on 3rd September 1939.

The British steamer Athenia was sunk by order of the First Lord of the Admiralty, Mr. Winston Churchill. The idea originated in his own mind…
Joseph Goebbels, 22 October 1939.

Over the past few weeks Goebbels has come to recognise Churchill as critical to Britain’s refusal to make peace. He has chosen to attack and criticise Churchill wherever possible. Using the propoganda tools at his disposal, Goebbels is determined to make the British doubt the competence of the First Lord of the Admiralty.

Can the British people in the name of their country continue to back this criminal? … I am working stubbornly to bring about this man’s downfall. He is the cause of this war, and of its prolongation.
Joseph Goebbels, 22 October 1939.

The SS Athenia was sunk last month by U-30 under the command of Fritz-Julius Lemp. One of the ships which rescued survivors from the icy Atlantic was the City of Flint, a US merchant ship which has since been captured by the Germans and is attempting to find a port to dock in. Reports indicate the City of Flint has docked in Murmansk, and has now been seized by Soviet forces.

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